This is a very important question our online customers often ask.

Massage chairs are expensive machines. Buying a massage chair with your hard-earned money can be a difficult decision. We understand that you want to try out the massage chairs you are interested with so you can see if it’s the best fit for your needs and preferences. Most online stores will ask you to order and then return if it does not meet your requirements. At Clear Bay, we want you to try them first!

There is no single universal massage chair that meets everyone’s need, unique physical situation and the feel of the chair!

Some customers would take the free return offer and buy upfront. While this is great if you have no opportunities to try it first. Having a massage chair delivered to your home and then returned back to store is not economical and not friendly to our environment as the shipping must be done with a freight company. Having a heavy machine being moved around for nothing does not make any good sense. At Clear Bay, we understand your concerns and have made a number of massage chairs available for you to try them out.

Try It Love It Own It.

Anyone is welcome to visit and try out our massage chairs at our administrative office. We have multiple brands and chair models for customers to touch, feel and experience. You must love it to buy it. Here is the location:

7800 Woodbine Avenue, Markham, ON. L3R 2N7

Please email or contact us to book an appointment.

Experiencing a massage session with our electric massage chairs is a wise choice!