Flash Sale at Clear Bay

Looking for the ultimate relaxation experience? Look no further than our massage chair flash sale! For a limited time only, we are offering unbeatable deals on our top-of-the-line massage chairs. Our chairs are designed with your comfort in mind, and are perfect for relieving stress and tension after a long day.

Price Match And Lowest Cost Policy

At Clear Bay, we strive to offer our customers the best possible value on all of our products. As part of our commitment to providing outstanding customer service, we offer a Price Match and Lowest Cost policy to match or beat the price of any identical product offered by a competitor.

Average Price for A Good Massage Chair

The average affordable price for a full-body massage chair can vary greatly depending on the features and quality of the chair. However, you can expect to spend anywhere from $900 to $2000 for a decent, full-body massage chair. Massage chairs in the lower price range ($500-$1400) may have limited features and lower quality construction, while chairs in the higher price range ($1800-$2400) are likely to have more advanced features and better build quality.

Massage Chair Buying Checklist

This massage chair buying checklist will help you to focus on what you really need and arrive at a great decision. The checklist helps you prioritize what you want, get what you really want within your budget and avoid expensive mistakes.

Happy Valentine’s Day at Clear Bay

Happy Valentine’s Day | One for You, One for Your Valentine! What could be sweeter than giving your loved one the gift that can be used everyday to relax and enjoy for years to come?At Clear Bay, we understand that and how important it is to make both of you happy on Valentine’s Day this year! Not only you can buy one of Clear Bay’s beautiful massage chairs with super price cuts, you will also get a free Foot Massager with your choice of chairs.

Benefits of Massage Chairs

There are numerous benefits when people use massage chairs. Massage chairs are first marketed as luxury household machines that are not normally affordable by the mass. Some people even think that the massage therapy from massage chairs are not actually massage! Nowadays, massage chairs are affordable and offer real benefits for our personal health. Here is a short list of the benefits we can get from a good massage chair.

Massage Chair Testing and Experiencing at Clear Bay

Clear Bay has a multi-brand and multi-model chair experiencing room that is open to the public. Buying a massage chair without trying may result in having a chair that does not fit your needs and unique situation. At Clear Bay, we encourage all buyers of our chairs to try the chairs first in our showroom.