At Clear Bay, we understand that there are various needs of health equipment for different purposes. There are situations that an individual or a business organization may need a temporary solution with lower cost of usage of massage chairs, massage tables or other wellness equipment. We want to serve this segment of markets.

We have developed two standard rental products – Massage Table Rentals and Massage Chair Rentals:

Massage Table Rentals – we use portable and foldable massage tables with professional strength.

Portable Adjustable Massage Table Rental

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Perfect table for client visits or events! Price is daily rate.

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Massage Chair Rentals – we use SwedishT Energy as the rental units. These are very comfortable massage chairs.

SwedishT Energy Rental


Energy Booster. Value for Money. Rental at $100/month.

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Chair for Chair Massage (Rental)


Perfect for Having a Chair Massage! Free Pickup.

When ordering rental products, please specify the number of time units you would like to have (# of days for massage tables and # of months for massage chairs). Delivery cost is extra. Taxes are additional.

If you need special arrangement or special requirements, please reach us out at here, we will try our best to assist.