Costway massage chairs are sold in North America and Europe. In North America, Costway sells its massage chairs directly from its own e-commerce platform and other big box stores. These popular and fairly priced Costway massage chairs are sold in Walmart, Amazon and Clear Bay. For the uniqueness of massage chairs, consumers prefer to experience the chairs before they purchase. At Clear Bay, we have multiple models of most updated massage chairs for customers to try and experience. Costway massage chairs are among the most affordable massage chairs across North America with all the features of a modern massage chair such as 3D massage hands, zero gravity positions, heat therapy and even foot reflexology!

Here are the advantages when you buy Costway massage chairs at Clear Bay:

  • Experiencing the massage chairs before buying to avoid choosing the wrong massage chairs
  • Transparent pricing
  • Knowledge and expertise in Costway products
  • Lower prices than big box retailers
  • Caring support of the branded massage chairs and other products such as massage/spa tables

Our philosophy is … “Try It, Love It and Own It”.

At Clear Bay, we understand the value of responsive support of the products we sell. It is our commitment to you that you contact Clear Bay when you experience any issue with the products. We will have our technicians to assist you in product support and act as the bridge between you and the manufacturer.

Here is the list of Costway massage chairs and products: